Glass furniture has come along way in recent years and is has increasing in popularity. You now have a very large selection to choose from.

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Colby Lamp/Side Table Black

Name: Colby Lamp/Side Table Black Finish: Black Tempered Black Glass/Chrome Construction: Tempered Glass/Chrome Dimensions: W590mm x D560mm x H550mm

Colby Lamp/Side Table Clear

Name: Colby Lamp/Side Table Clear Finish: Black Tempered Black/Clear/Glass/Chrome Construction: Tempered Glass/Chrome Dimensions: W590mm x D560mm x H550mm

Hanley Coffee Table

Name: Hanley Coffee Table. Finish: Black/Clear Glass. Construction: Glass, Metal. Dimensions: W1110mm x D600mm x H435mm.

Henlay Lamp/Side Table Clear

Name: Hanley Lamp/Side Table Clear Finish: Medium Clear Gloss/Chrome Construction: Glass/Chrome Dimensions: W545mm x D545mm x H500mm

Milan Lamp Table

Name: Milan Side Table. Finish: Sonoma Oak Veneer/ Clear Glass. Construction: Oak Veneer Tempered Glass Chrome. Dimensions: W600mm x D400mm x H540mm.

Milano Coffee Table

Name: Milan Coffee Table. Finish: Sonomo Oak Veneer and Glass. Construction: Wood and Tempered Glass. Dimensions: W1000mm x D600mm x H460mm.

Morton Coffee Table

Name: Morton Coffee Table. Finish: Oak Effect Veneer and Oak. Dimensions: W1100mm x D595mm x H460mm.

Morton Nest of Tables

Name: Morton Nest of Tables. Finish: Oak coloured veneer clear glass. Construction: Steel Tempered Glass and Oak coloured veneer, Dimensions:  W600mm x D400mm x H450mm (Stacked)