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A beautiful elegant hardwearing new floor can transform any room, the right choice will perfectly complement your home. Traditional or modern, rustic or contemporary, we have you covered. Depending on the various factors you will have, we have a variety of different floor and underlay types to choose from.
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At Applewood Furniture we have a large selection of Laminate and Wood flooring to choose from. We keep a large stock level so you will not be disappointed. If you have any question or are looking for advice or inspiration, get in touch with us today, we are always available to help our customers choose the right flooring for them.
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Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring material that has been designed to look like real wood flooring or stone. It has been a popular choice for a long time as generally, it can be a cheaper alternative to real wood and hardwood floors. Almost anyone can install a laminate floor without the need for a professional floor fitter.
In the past 10 years the range, quality and price of laminate floors has improved from a consumer’s point of view. There is now more choice of designs and styles of laminate flooring. Traditionally laminate was only available in a wood effect. In more recent years, different designs and effects have been developed to provide you with a wider choice of looks such as: stone tiles, ceramic tiles and a wide range of different species of wood and bamboo. With the quality of laminate flooring provided by Applewood furniture, one may easily mistake our laminate flooring for a real wooden floor.
However, it is important to point out that laminate flooring does not contain any real wood at all. Each plank is made up of various synthetic layers and topped with a photographic layer of the desired design whether it be wood, stone, etc. The surface layer can sometimes have a built-in scratch guard for added protection. The top surface of the floor is water-resistant so it can cope with the occasional spill or splash.

A. Wear Layer — This is the layer that protects your laminate floors.
B. Design Layer — A high-definition printer is used to make stunning, realistic-looking designs.
C. Inner Core — The inner core is made of wood. It is what keeps your laminate floor so stable and flat.
D. Backing – Laminate is not waterproof, but with the backing layer on the bottom of the flooring is moisture resistant. The backing is placed on the bottom to work as a barrier from any excess moisture.

Laminate flooring is a great alternative to a real wooden floor. It is, however, important to acknowledge the differences between the two. We stock a large range of laminate floors to suit your needs. Our laminate Flooring come directly from our suppliers and we ensure that we only stock the best brand names to ensure the best in quality and an impressive finish. We offer various sizes such as 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, coupled with various different designs and finishes we have what you are looking for. If you need advice regarding your flooring, underlay, aftercare, fitting and suitability please get in touch with us today.

There are many types of wood floor to choose from but solid wood flooring, also known as hardwood, is, of course, the original timber floor. A solid wood floor is just as the name suggests. One piece of solid wood from top to bottom. Often finished with oil or lacquer and with tongue and groove edges. The manufacturing process is simple. Raw material logs and trunks of the chosen timber are cut down at saw mills worldwide into various lengths, widths and thicknesses. These raw timbers are then transferred to flooring factories where they are graded and further refined by cutting to specified sizes. They are then sanded and often machined with tongue and grooved ends or bevelled edges. The cut timbers are then kiln dried to bring them to a specific moisture level suited to the destination country. This creates an unfinished solid wood floor suitable for the consumer. Often the floor is pre-finished with a lacquer or oil before being packed into boxes. Today, solid wood floors have never been so popular thanks not only to how practical and timeless they are, but a real hardwood floor that can be a feature in any room and allow for limitless and timeless interior ideas. At the moment, we do not stock hardwood products, but we hope to do so in the not too distant future.
A beautiful elegant hard-wearing new floor can transform any room, the right choice will perfectly complement your home. Traditional or modern, rustic or contemporary, we have you covered, depending on various factors you will have the different floor and underlay types to choose from.

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